Wildflower honey is a type of honey produced when bees use different flowers in nature as a source of nectar. In spring, when flowering plants are in bloom, bees visit them and collect nectar throughout the spring and summer to produce wildflower honey. Also known as polyfloral honey, this type of honey has no dominant single flower species. Because the bees collect nectar from many different flowers, the resulting honey has a rich flavour and aroma profile. Soner's Wildflower Raw Honey is collected from flowers in the Hayrabolu and Çeneköy regions of Tekirdağ. It is an organic, raw and natural honey as it is filtered directly from the comb and filled into jars without any heat treatment. It may crystallise after some time, which preserves its nutritional value. This is a sign of its naturalness and it can be restored to its original consistency by placing the jar in warm water (30-40 degrees) with the mouth open for a while. Tasting notes: Wildflower honey is usually light in colour but can be darker depending on the nectar content. It has a sweet, floral and pleasant aroma. Its broad flavour profile makes it an excellent addition to many products, from breakfast to delicatessen boards, from herbal teas to sweet recipes.